Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It starts with US

Our Family - Summer 2014

Grandpa Virgil Ray Jones - Your Grandpa Jones

Worked hard his whole life.  He did everything in his lifetime from farming to logging to finally running his own construction company.  He got his hands caught in his rock crusher many times.  That's what we all talk about and remember is how bad his hands looked.  When he worked, he worked hard.  When he played, he played hard.

How grandpa lived life.  Full of it.

Carol June LeFevre Jones Shields - Your Grandma Carol

Grandma Carol

Back Row - Your great aunt Lynette, Grandma Carol, and great aunt Marilyn
Front Row - your Great Grandma Rella Beckstead LeFevre

What I know about Grandma Carol.  She is going to straight to heaven someday.  She has spent her entire life caring for others.  She raised a family of 6 (5 boys and 1 girls) pretty much on her own.  When Ray wasn't out working he was out playing.  She was divorced with 2 little kids still living at home. I was 5 and Ryan 7.  She worked 2 jobs to pay for everything we had, which wasn't much.  Grandma and Grandpa LeFevre helped take care of us when we were little and she was working.  After Ryan and I were grown and moved out my older brother Jeff (who had diabetes really bad) moved back home so she could take of him.  He was almost blind and had several strokes making it really hard for him to get around.  He was pretty mean and after a few years he had to go to a care center.  She married Joe and he got sick and she's been taking care of him for years now.  I always wonder when it will be her turn for someone to just take care of her for a change.  She always worked so hard.  I've always been extremely proud that she's my mom.  She was the fun mom that me and my friends wanted to drive us to cheerleading or volleyball camp.

EnaRa Remund Lindsay - Your Grandma Lindsay

Grandma Carol, Dylan, Grandma EnaRa

Things that I think are cool about Grandma Lindsay - there is probably tons more but this is my blog.
She is a GREAT cook.  When I first started dating Dean I loved to come over and eat.  She can cook deer and elk meat better than anyone I've ever met.  She cooks basic foods but she cooks them extremely well.  She loves her grandkids ALOT and she is very proud of them no matter what they are doing.  She knows how to live simply and not extravagant.  I know that sounds easy but it's not.  I'm not sure if I know how to go without.  I usually find a way but she can simply go without.  She use to work for the school district as a secretary.  I worked in the office of THS as a senior and the lady that was the head secretary was always in awe of how smart and fast Grandma was when she worked there.  I think she worked there before she had kids.  One thing that I think is hilarious about grandma is that she has a long fuse but once she blows, it's bad.  Dad remember a sheep that kept getting out when he was young.  He got out a bunch one day.  She was so mad that she was going to beat it over the head with a 2X4 so dad was trying to hide it to protect it.  LOL

Allen Bob Lindsay - Your Grandpa Lindsay

There's so much that I can say about Bob. He tried to come across mean and tough but there was not a kinder gentler man to me that was completely devoted to his family.  He loved spending as much time with them as possible.  He was rough on his kids growing up it sounds like.  But I think that was how he was raised and that's the only way he knew how to do it.  He called me sweet pea from the moment I met him until he passed away.  He was probably the best father figure in my own life since my dad was a flake.  

He was a huge help when we built our first house.  I got to know him really well then.  He and I would work all day together on the house while dad was at work.  He would not use the nail gun only a hammer.  He worked so hard on our house and taught me so much.  Dad would come home from working all day and work on the house in the headlights of his truck trying to get it done.  

In the end, when Bob knew he was getting really sick and wouldn't last much longer he started asking his grandkids that were mission age about life after death.  I truly believe he has learned the teachings and is helping in the spirit world.

Rella Beckstead and Walter LeFevre - Grandma Carol's Parents - Your Great Grandparents

This is how I remember Grandma and Grandpa LeFevre - in fact this is my personal picture of them that survived the fire.  It was taken at our kitchen table.  Just how I remember them.  Grandpa always had on a warm hat in the winter but he always wore his bib overalls.  Grandma looked the same as far back as I can remember up until the day she passed away.

Me and Grandpa LeFevre.  Loved that man!!!
This was taken at a wedding or something because I'm in a dress and he's not in bib overalls. :) 

What I know about Grandma which is quite a bit...  I spent a lot of time at her house growing up.  Grandma had favorites of her grandkids.  She always said she didn't but she did and me and Ryan were it.  While growing up there was never a volleyball game or basketball game that my grandparents didn't go to.  They drove all over the state to attend them all.  The entire trip they would argue about my grandpa's driving.  Funniest thing ever.  He was so laid back that nothing got him mad.  I truly never seen him mad.  He was bald as far back as I can remember.  When he was young a logging a tree fell on his head.  He drove himself home.  When grandma seen him at the door she didn't recognize him.  She said his head looked like a balloon with indents for eyes.  They ended up putting metal plates in his skull because it was so shattered.  He was fine after that.  Whenever we would ask for anything from Grandpa he would say "Well I suppose so"  never heard him say no.  When I was small and stayed at their house he would take me with him to change water.  He would lead me around on a horse so I didn't get dirty.  Grandma always worked.  She was a waitress at Cowan's cafe forever.  I wish I knew how many years.  But one day she blacked out while driving to Duchesne and decided to quit working so far away from home.  After that she started working at Max's Meat wrapping meat.  I went with her sometimes and they let me stamp the meat.  Funnest days ever.  I remember when I was little they would butcher a bunch of turkeys and chickens every year.  Thank goodness I was too little to help.  I remember them hanging the turkeys (I swear by their tongues) and chopping the chickens heads off of a hundred chickens and then they would pluck them all to put in the freezer.  Grandma and Grandpa were no strangers to hard work.  Grandpa LeFevre died of cancer and was buried on my 16th birthday.  That was the only time I ever seen my grandma cry.  I never wanted her to die but I'm truly glad they are back together because there was no Walter without Rella.

This is Grandma Rella's Obituary

RELLA LEFEVRE Rella June Beckstead LeFevre, our beloved mother, grand and great-grandmother, age 94, of Tabiona, passed away February 9, 2010, in Roosevelt. She was born June 9, 1915, in Talmage, to Henry Austin and Sarah Mabel Bowlden Beckstead. She was the sixth child of a family of seven. She married Walter LeFevre, April 5, 1934, in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. He died December 29, 1988. Rella was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, holding many positions. She loved gardening and always had a beautiful yard. She had a wonderful talent for making handmade quilts, doilies, and afghans for each of her many grandchildren. She loved music and played in a dance band for many years and taught music lessons. She is survived by her children, Carol (Joe) Shields, Marilyn (Leo) Foy, Linette Peck, and son-in-law, Jerry Giles, 23 grandchildren, 84 great-grandchildren, and 40 great-great grandchildren with four on the way; brother-in-law, Douglas Carlile. She was preceded in death by her husband, Walter, daughter, Mabel Giles, and sons-in-law, Sharon J. Neilson and Stanley N Peck; 3 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, her parents, and six brothers and sisters. Funeral services will be held at 12:00 noon on Saturday, February 13, 2010, at the Tabiona LDS Chapel with a viewing from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. Burial will be in the Tabiona Cemetery. Special thanks to the nurses at the Sr. Villa for the great care they gave to our mother.

Henry Austin and Sara Mabel Bowlden Beckstead - Rella LeFevre's Parents - Your Great Great Grandparents

Grandma Carol says she remembers that her Grandma always raise a giant garden and would can everything out of it and not waste any of it.  She remembers staying at their house and their mattresses were stuffed with straw.

Sarah was born on April 21, 1884 in North Point, Utah to William and Sarah Bowlden. She married and was sealed to Henry Austin Beckstead on January 7, 1903. They had 7 children: Rulon Clair, Norma Louise, Laron Elmer, William Gordon, Leah Elzina, Rella June, and Leone Beckstead. The large family lived in South Jordan, Utah until 1909, when they moved to Peoa, Utah and bought a new home. In 1914 they moved again, this time to the Uintah Basin to a settlement called Talmage, where they bought 90 acres of land. During the years, her husband Henry was often away herding sheep to support the family. Sarah was a wonderful homemaker who kept the family and house together. She was supportive to her husband and raised her children to be spiritually strong and well mannered. She was an expert quilter and a very loving person. She died on December 17, 1971 in Salt Lake city, Utah  Henry died February 23, 1972 and was buried 26 February 1972 in the